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Athletic Performance Enhancement

The IVCH performance enhancement program is for athletes who want to improve all aspects of their athletic ability. You'll work with an athletic trainer who will tailor a program to the specific performance areas that you want to work on.

And we can help you improve specific skills in the sport (or sports) that you play.

First Day

We'll start by doing an initial evaluation of your:

  • General strength
  • Flexibility
  • Dynamic strength
  • Quickness
  • Vertical jumping
  • Core stability

Based on the findings from your evaluation, we'll create a personalized performance enhancement program for you that includes helping you set realistic performance goals. As your improvement sessions begin, we'll emphasize using the proper technique while doing your exercises so you get the most benefit.

Last Day

At the conclusion of the program, we'll do a final evaluation to determine the gains you've made. This final assessment will cover the same areas that we measured during your initial evaluation. We'll then give you recommendations on what you should focus on as you prepare for your sport's coming season.


The fee for each one-hour, semiprivate session in the IVCH Performance Enhancement Program is $20. You can sign up for either 10 sessions ($200) or 20 sessions ($400). A $100 deposit is required when you enroll.

Video Motion Analysis for Running $75 for assessment and corrective exercises.  $30 if additional 30-minute sessions are needed

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