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What is joint replacement?

Joint replacement, also called arthroplasty, is the use of metal alloy and durable plastic implants to resurface damaged bone and cartilage caused by arthritis.

The Joint Replacement Center at IVCH

The Joint Replacement Center is a place, a program, and a team of exceptional orthopedic surgeons and clinicians who are experts in knowing, anticipating and delivering care to the person having joint replacement surgery. Our center provides an environment that emphasizes wellness in joint replacement procedures and maximizes patient recovery efforts through education, a culture of early mobility, family involvement and group interaction. Our patients experience rapid recovery and their transition back home is sooner, vs. a traditional rehab facility.

Benefits of Total Joint Replacement

  • Can eliminate or reduce pain
  • May enhance movement and mobility
  • Can improve quality of life (return to normal activity with low-impact sports and activities)

What makes The Joint Replacement Center at IVCH different?

Best practice has proven that individuals undergoing joint replacement do significantly better if they see themselves as healthy individuals who are coming to the hospital not because they are sick, but rather because they are addressing their joint pain and want to live a better quality of life. Patients who have their joint surgery at hospitals partnering with their physicians to develop structured programs around the fundamental concept of wellness have better outcomes, quicker recovery, and a quicker return to home. At IVCH, we employ all of these principles to make your recovery time as complete and comprehensive as possible. 

Further benefits of IVCH’s Joint Replacement Center:

  • Advanced analgesic and rapid-recovery surgical techniques. Our surgeons are trained in the most advanced analgesic and minimally invasive surgical techniques that result in less pain and a quicker recovery for patients.
  • Recovery process specifically tailored for joint recovery.
  • Dedicated joint rehabilitation unit (with private rooms). All activities—physical therapy, group lunches, and nursing care—take place on a unit dedicated exclusively to joint replacement patients. Large, motivational posters are located throughout the halls of our center.
  • Dedicated staff. All staff at The Joint Replacement Center at IVCH have been chosen specifically because of their expertise; positive, upbeat nature; and high motivational skills.
  • Care coordinator. One person—a care coordinator—oversees the patient’s entire stay, and is a resource before, during and after discharge.
  • Superior outcomes. We evaluate each patient on multiple clinical, functional, and patient satisfaction criteria. These outcomes are analyzed during monthly performance improvement team meetings, and enable us to become masters of teamwork. So when we say we offer superior outcomes, we have the data to prove it.

Health Care Providers

Peter Meier, MD
Robert Mitchell, DO
James Murphy, MD
U.K. Sinha, MD
Catherine Renk, PAC
Debra Pyszka, PAC

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