Maternity Leave Guidelines

Our policy is to grant maternity leave from the time of delivery until six weeks postpartum, unless otherwise determined by the physician or nurse midwife. The only exceptions to this policy are as follows:

1. Hypertension serious enough to warrant bed rest.

2. Nausea and vomiting with severe weight loss or which requires hospitalization.

3. A multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, etc) may require maternity leave prior to delivery.

4. Patient with a history of incompetent cervix who has a job which is more than sedentary.

5. Documented premature labor.

6. Any other medical problems that would require bed rest.

We do not grant maternity leave for back pain, leg cramps, headaches, morning sickness, fatigue, cramping, difficult or hazardous jobs. We do not grant maternity leave from Physical Education classes; exercise is acceptable, as well as recommended, the only exception being vigorous contact sports.

State law requires that employers provide a safe working environment with a place to rest on breaks. If the employer is not meeting this legal obligation, the patient is advised to discuss this with her employer.

We strongly advise that each patient talk with her employer about their maternity leave policy. Most employers have very specific terms for time off work. We can only write letters covering medical leave when a legitimate medical condition exists.

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