The New Obstetrics Unit at IVCH

The Ideal Setting for a Truly Special Birthing Experience

Our Beautiful, Spacious, Modern Setting Makes You Feel Right at Home

Everything You Want, in One Convenient Place

The New Obstetrics Unit at IVCH is thoughtfully designed and fully equipped to provide comprehensive services in a family-centered environment.

Labor/Delivery Options

  • Whirlpool tubs for relaxation during labor
  • Ambulation during labor
  • Spinal/epidural analgesia for labor
  • Spinal/epidural anesthesia for c-sections
  • Your coach present during labor and c-section
  • VBAC – vaginal birth after c-section with physician approval

Three Labor/Delivery Suites and Six Postpartum Suites

Each large, private suite features a fresh, updated décor, an oversized bathroom with a shower/tub, a mini refrigerator for your personal use; a phone, a TV, and a couch that converts to a bed so your coach can stay overnight.

Roomy, Well-Equipped Nursery

Cheerfully decorated, this area includes a medical examination room so that physicians can perform on-the-spot exams, treatments and procedures.

More Great Features

  • The large triage room within the unit has comfortable recliners for outpatient visits.
  • Our lactation office is conveniently located right next to the New Obstetrics Unit.
  • Special touches help to welcome family members and friends. A large family waiting area can be accessed by elevator from the ground floor, and patient rooms feature comfortable furniture for guests.

Our Professional Team Is Here to Help You

The Nursing Staff in the New Obstetrics Unit Includes:

  • An array of friendly, supportive, highly skilled nurses working around the clock
  • A registered nurse certified in Advanced Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring
  • A registered nurse certified in Infant Massage
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Instructors
  • Childbirth Educators
  • A Certified Lactation Consultant
  • A CPR Instructor
  • A Certified Car Seat Safety Technician

Many Physicians and Midwives Attend to Our Patients

You can select a board-certified obstetrician, certified nurse midwife or family-practice physician for your prenatal, childbirth and postpartum care. IVCH also is associated with local pediatricians and family-practice physicians who attend to newborns.

Anesthesiologists Are Available 24 Hours a Day

A large surgical suite integrated in the unit features state-of-the-art anesthesia and surgical equipment.

IVCH is part of the OSF North Central Perinatal Network

This relationship provides comprehensive consultation and management services for all aspects of high-risk pregnancies. Mothers and babies who require a higher level of care are transferred to OSF St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria.

Advanced Technology Provides Peace of Mind

  • A cutting-edge fetal monitoring system communicates critical data to your labor and delivery team.
  • An advanced call-light system allows you to request prompt assistance from your nursing staff.
  • The entire unit is locked 24 hours a day, allowing access only to medical personnel, patients and invited family members and guests.
  • The nursery within the unit features an infant security system, as well as closed-circuit cameras that allow continuous monitoring.

Postpartum Care Enhances Your Birthing Experience

A Wonderful Time to Bond with Your Baby

During the important 'golden hour" after birth, interruptions are minimized so that you have time to nurture and bond with your baby.

You and your baby will receive attentive care with regard to medical assessments, medication administration and other procedures.

While you're here, we will make your stay memorable from the moment your baby is born until the time you leave.

We'll start by taking a photograph of your newborn so that you can have and share a delightful keepsake portrait. After delivery and adequate recovery time, you and your baby will move to a postpartum room with a view of the Illinois River Valley. Postpartum care, newborn feeding and instructions are provided at your bedside throughout your stay, including opportunities to enjoy hands-on learning with your baby. Plus, our staff will be available to provide positive, helpful assistance if you choose to breastfeed, so that you can begin immediately after delivery. Finally, we'll prepare a special gourmet meal for you and your coach on discharge day. You can choose from a large selection, then enjoy a special celebration before heading home!

Your stay will be normally 24 to 72 hours, depending on your provider's assessment of you and your baby. Social service assistance is available as needed.

Convenient Resources Educate and Inform

Sign Up for Classes

The following classes are held in a spacious conference room inside the New Obstetrics Unit at IVCH:

Prepared Childbirth Classes – A six-week series of classes covering prenatal information, labor preparation, labor instruction, newborn CPR, car seat safety and newborn care.

Prepared Sibling Class – A one-session class structured to prepare children over the age of two for the arrival of a new family member.

Breastfeeding 101 Class – A one-session class about the basics of breastfeeding, offered every other month.

Second Time Around Class – A one-session class for parents who need a refresher course.

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