What Makes a Midwife Different?

  • Midwifery care is time intensive. We are here to listen to you, encourage you and support you, wherever you may be in your life.
  • Midwives believe that pregnancy and childbirth are normal processes that are safe unless proved otherwise.
  • Midwives believe that birth is a biological event that includes mental, sexual, spiritual and social components.
  • Midwives believe that the pregnant woman should maintain control with attendance by professionals. We want you to come away feeling that you had the experience you had hoped for and felt supported in your choices.
  • Midwives believe in minimal intervention.
  • Midwives believe in educating woman and their families to promote health and prevent disease.
  • Midwives believe that the process of childbirth is equally important as the outcome.
  • Midwives believe that women should know all of the choices in order to make informed decisions in their care.
  • Midwives believe in having a partnership with the women and families they care for.

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