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As a woman, you can be just about anything. Powerful business executive, loving mother of five, creative genius, teacher, doctor and everything in between... the list of descriptors is positively endless for the 21st century woman. Many women even shoulder the responsibility of multiple “jobs” – working out of the home and carrying full-time mom or caregiver duties. You are the keeper of the family, the one that makes sure everyone else is okay, the one who has it all together... but who looks after you?

IVCH understands the important balancing act every woman faces in life. The crazy schedules, the constant pressure of the next item on your to-do list... it all adds up and leaves little to no time for you.  That’s why we are committed to making sure you have all the resources you need to take care of you and your health all in one place.

Three women Digital mammography
Women's Health Care Center
Looking for a doctor?
Check out the numerous services provided by Dr. Shyrlena Bogard, Dr. Jeffrey Edwards and Dr. Kemoria Granberry at the Women's Health Care Center.
Digital Mammography
Time for your yearly mammogram?
Experts agree that regular screenings save lives. If you are 40 and older (or have a history of breast cancer in your family), schedule your digital mammogram with IVCH today. Call 815.780.3199.
mother and baby with midwife Mother and baby in obstetrics unit
IVCH Midwives
Want to know what a midwife does?
Discover the services the IVCH MidwivesDana Hoffman, DNP, CNM; Angela Reidner, RN, MS, CNM; and Barbara Tieman, CNM – provide.
Obstetrics Unit
Expecting a baby?
Take a tour of our new OB Unit complete with three labor/delivery rooms and six private postpartum suites. Don't forget to check out the advantages of a water birth.
Womens Healthcare Resources
Health Care Resources for Women
Need answers to your health care questions?
Read through numerous articles about pregnancy, reproductive health, eating and nutrition and other women's health care topics in our resource section.


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