Industrial Rehabilitation at IVCH CPRA

The industrial program at CPRA is structured to identify safety and ergonomic work concerns, assist in the assessment of the injured worker, and assist in the return of the injured worker to the work environment.

The staff at CPRA can assist local industry in identifying ergonomic and safe work practices through the functional work assessment on the industrial site. A functional work screen can be developed and used to identify the appropriate movements required for the individual jobs. Further on site education can be provided by the staff at CPRA to assist in reducing work place injuries.

A Functional Capacity Evaluation can be performed to assess the individual’s function with regards to work related movements. The FCE will be performed in coordination with the workers physician, case worker, and attorney if necessary. The outcome of the FCE will identify strengths, deficits, work related correlation, and further recommendations.

An injured worker may be referred to a work reconditioning program to progress the worker to a function to return to work if possible. The WC program will address function, flexibility, strength, muscular and cardio vascular endurance, and work specific function to be performed on a 3-5 day a week basis with extended participation hours as the worker tolerates.

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