Let's Talk About Talking

Is your child having difficulty putting words together, telling you what they need, or unable to communicate with you? How your child speaks, plays, and acts are all indications regarding your child’s development. Developmental milestones can tell us at what age is reasonable to expect a child to be able to do something independently. The following charts breakdown language milestones for 2 and 3 year olds.

A Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) can assist your child by providing the necessary tools, strategies, and techniques, to help your child get closer to reaching their language milestones, as well as being able to communicate. Therapy sessions may consist of both structured and unstructured activities. A structured activity could be your child and the SLP sitting at a table, and completing activities that are set up by the SLP to promote communication. An unstructured activity could be playing on the floor with your child’s preferred toy, while the SLP follows your child’s lead, to promote language in a more natural environment. Play is vital for your child, to promote language and communication! Therapy sessions should be fun and engaging for your child, and parent involvement during therapy sessions is always recommended! You are with your child the most, and should be aware of strategies that you could be implementing at home with your child. If you notice your child is struggling to get his/her words out and is getting frustrated, since he/she is not

being understood, speech therapy may be what your child needs! Let’s get talking!

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