Individuals Eligible for Phase 1B Are Encouraged to Complete COVID-19 Vaccine Notification Sign-Up Now Available on LaSalle County Health Department's Website

The LaSalle County Health Department anticipates being able to move into Phase 1B as early as next week. Phase 1B will include frontline essential workers and residents age 65 and older. In the beginning stages of Phase 1B, priority will be given to individuals age 65 years and older, as they have experienced the highest mortality rate. In preparation and planning, LaSalle County Health Department is collecting information on the number of persons in Phase 1B (as defined by ACIP and IDPH) who are eligible and who intend to receive the vaccine through LaSalle County.

To be notified of COVID-19 vaccination clinics, we are asking anyone eligible for Phase 1B to complete the "COVID-19 Vaccine Notification Sign-up" Form. Please visit LaSalle County's website at and click the red COVID-19 Vaccine icon on the right side of the page. There you will find a green "COVID-19 Phase 1B Vaccine Notification Sign-up" link where you can complete the form.

After completing this form, individuals will be notified by an email from the LaSalle County Health Department when a clinic has been scheduled. Please complete the form as soon as possible as clinic plans are being finalized. The email will contain a link to register for the clinic and the ability to choose an appointment time. Clinics and appointments will be based on vaccine availability and are subject to change. Scheduled appointments are necessary due to social distancing requirements and the recommended wait time after receiving the vaccine.

Eligible persons for this phase include:

  • Individuals over 65 years of age
  • Front line WOrkers (fire, law enforcement, 911 workers, security personnel, school officers)
  • Educators (Pre-K through 12th grade, and child care: teachers, principals, support, day care workers)
  • Food and Agriculture (Processing, Plants, Veterinary Health, Livestock Services, Animal Care)
  • Manufacturing (Industrial Production of Goods for Distribution to Retail, Wholesale and Other Manufacturing)
  • Corrections Workers and Inmates (Prison/Jail Officers, Juvenile Facility Staff, workers Providing In-Person Support, Inmates)
  • United States Postal Services Workers
  • Public Transit Workers (Flight Crew, Bus Drives, Train Conductors, Taxi Drivers, Ride Sharing Services)
  • Grocery Store Workers (Baggers, Cashiers, Stockers, Pick-Up, Customer Service)
  • Shelters/Adult Day Care (Homeless Shelter, Women's Shelter, Adult Day/Drop-in Program, Sheltered Workshop, Psycho-Social Rehab)

The LaSalle County Health Department understands the general public has questions about when it will be their turn to receive the vaccine. Please note, as vaccine availability increases, vaciation recommendations will expand to include more groups. The goal is for everyone to be able to easily get a COVID-19 vaccination as soon as large quantities of vaccine are available. As vaccine supply increases but remains limited, ACIP, and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) will expand the groups recommended for vaccination.

The LaSalle County Health Department will be diligent in updating the public regarding the COVID-19 vaccination plan for the county. Please watch for more information from the LaSalle County Health Department through our website:, social media pages, and with our local media partners.

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