IVCH Streator Rehab Services

Comprehensive Physical Therapy for All Ages

Staffed by a physical therapist who has more than 20 years of experience and fully equipped with the most modern physical rehabilitation equipment, IVCH Streator Rehab Services is ready to offer the personal care and attention you have the right to expect when recovering from an illness or injury.

Located in North Streator at 501 Oakley Avenue, IVCH Streator Rehab Services has close-to-the-door parking and easy, level access. It is in the same building where you’ll find the office of IVCH Orthopedic Surgeon U. K. Sinha, MD.

Our therapist in Streator is Linda Lee-Gaston, PT. With more than 20 years' physical therapy experience, Linda is very knowledgeable in all aspects of physical therapy—from general orthopedic care to dealing with chronic pain. She is proficient in all manual therapy techniques. Call for more information.

Health Care Provider

Linda Lee-Gaston, PT


Call for an appointment. Evening hours are available.


IVCH Streator Rehab Services
501 Oakley Ave.
Streator, IL 61364