Hip Replacement

Stop living in pain with an anterior hip replacement from IVCH!

Whether she was at the gym or playing tennis with her husband and daughters, Mary Angell loved working out and being active. But a couple of years ago, still shy of her 50th birthday, the Ottawa resident started having trouble with her left hip.

At first, it only bothered her a little. But the aching and stiffness grew worse—and it soon began to limit what she could do. Arthritis had destroyed the cushioning cartilage in the hip, causing severe pain as bone rubbed against bone.

Sometimes, when sitting down became excruciating, Mary would duck into a restroom at work to cry. "It finally got to the point where I couldn’t take it," she says.

Mary went to see orthopedic surgeon Dr. Peter Meier, the only doctor in the area who can perform anterior hip replacement. In fact, that was a big part of why Mary chose to have her hip surgery through The Joint Replacement Center at Illinois Valley Community Hospital in Peru.

Anterior hip replacement offers significant advantages over the traditional method. It involves a smaller incision and frontal approach, allowing for minimal muscle trauma and resulting in a quicker and less painful healing process.

  • Although recovery from a standard surgery can take two to four months, complete recovery from an anterior replacement may take only two to six weeks.
  • Whereas patients recovering from standard surgery must avoid overflexing a new hip, anyone with an anterior replacement can freely bend his or her hip right away.

Mary had her surgery at IVCH and was home the next day. Indeed, she healed up in time to help her daughter move—which involved walking up and down stairs—without any problem. And she hasn’t had any trouble watching her daughter’s college tennis matches, even though that usually involves climbing bleachers and sitting for long periods of time.

With her doctor’s OK, Mary even got back on the court herself for some doubles tennis. "I could move, and I didn’t have any pain," she says. "I was ecstatic."