A 5-Star Healthgrades Rating is Just One Reason for Choosing IVCH for Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery

If your joint pain has reached the point where your doctor is recommending hip or knee replacement surgery, you’ll find you have a lot of choices when it comes to where to have the surgery and who should perform it.

When you choose IVCH as your hospital and Dr. Peter Meier or Dr. Robert Mitchell as your orthopedic surgeon, you’re choosing a team that has objective and qualitative proof of delivering consistently excellent outcomes.

Here’s the first thing you should know. Healthgrades®, an online resource for information about physicians and hospitals, has awarded IVCH a 5-star rating for hip replacement 13 years in a row and for knee replacement 12 years in a row. IVCH is the only hospital in Illinois that can claim that honor.

“Doctors Meier and Mitchell have always had excellent reputations for their work. This award came as no surprise,” said Tommy Hobbs, IVCH chief executive officer.

The Healthgrades report demonstrates how clinical performance continues to differ dramatically between hospitals regionally and nationally, according to Dr. Brad Bowman, Healthgrades chief medical officer. “In an environment where consumers have more choices about where to receive their care, a hospital’s commitment to achieving high-quality outcomes is fundamental,” he said.

A modern approach to rehab

Following surgery, you’ll get a head start on your recovery and getting used to your new hip or knee by staying in The Joint Replacement Center, an IVCH nursing unit specifically dedicated to getting joint patients up and walking as quickly and as pain free as possible.

The JRC is organized around a national best practice model that sees hip and knee replacement patients as being fundamentally healthy individuals who are having joint replacement surgery because knee and hip pain is keeping them from enjoying the quality of life they want, according to Dr. Meier, the center’s medical director.

“First and foremost, we do not see our patients as being sick,” said Dr. Meier. “This is not your typical hospital program or hospital stay,”

Dr. Meier said The JRC has a set of specific protocols that set it apart from other knee- and hip-replacement programs. For example:

  • Each patient chooses a coach—usually a family member or friend—who is an active participant in his or her care before, during and after discharge. Both patient and coach are required to attend a pre-operative class two weeks before surgery, where they meet The Joint Replacement Center team and learn in detail about the procedure, what to expect in the hospital, and how to care for themselves after discharge.
  • Patients can wear their own comfortable clothing—sweats, shorts, etc.—rather than hospital gowns if they want to.
  • Patients will follow an aggressive daily rehabilitation schedule including group therapy sessions in the exercise room. Group therapy is supplemented by individual in-room sessions.

And care won’t end after discharge. Patients receive calls from The Joint Replacement Center staff within 72 hours of discharge and again one to two weeks later.

Better than the rest

“The result of this approach to surgery is less pain, quicker recovery, and superior outcomes for patients,” said Dr. Mitchell and patient surveys back him up.

  • 89% of IVCH joint replacement patients report mild to no pain while walking following surgery compared to a national average of 80%.
  • 93% of IVCH joint patients go directly home from the hospital compared to a national national average of 71%.
  • The overall satisfaction rate of IVCH joint replacement patients is 89%, well above the national average of 73%
  • The average length of stay for an IVCH joint patient is 1.6 days. The national average is 2.7 days.
  • 94% of our joint replacement patients say they would definitely recommend IVCH. Nationally, only 72% of patients say they would recommend the hospitals where their joint surgeries were performed.

“There is a definite IVCH difference when it comes to hip and knee replacement surgery,” said Hobbs, the hospital’s CEO. “Our doctors, our clinical staff, and our system of care demonstrate that and I invite anyone contemplating hip or knee replacement surgery to make an appointment with Dr. Meier or Dr. Mitchell and learn more.

Call 815-223-2143 or click here to learn more about Dr. Meier, Dr. Mitchell and Illinois Valley Orthopedics. https://www.ivch.org/find-a-location/illinois-valley-orthopedics/