About the COVID-19 Vaccine. . . .

Here’s what we know so far about distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in the Illinois Valley:

  • Healthcare workers who have direct contact with patients are receiving the vaccine first. IVCH received 295 doses Dec. 16 and all were given to doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers whose jobs involve direct patient care.
  • More vaccine will be coming but none will be available for the general public until all healthcare workers are immunized.
  • Nursing home staff and patients are also high priorities for receiving the vaccine, which will be sent directly to local nursing homes. IVCH is not involved with distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to nursing homes or administering the vaccine to nursing home patients.
  • A schedule for giving the vaccine to the general public is not yet set and may not be for a number of weeks. Calling your physician’s office at this time will not yield you any further information and is not advised. Watch for an announcement from your county’s health department about when the COVID-19 vaccine will be available for the public.
  • Until the vaccine has been administered widely throughout the Illinois Valley, please continue to wear a mask and practice social distancing when leaving your home. Thank you!
  • To learn more about the COVID-19 distribution process, go to www.cdc.gov/coronavirus.